311 Horseshoe Studio

  Kristin Darnell Kreger

 Kristin is a multifaceted artist. Studied in Classical Realism at a former atelier School In North Carolina and in Contemporary Art at the San Francisco Art Institute, she has allowed both influences to express themselves in her art work.

“Action” and “Feel” are at the forefront of her work. “If it doesn't feel alive then it doesn't pull me to

 finish it” says Kristin when asked what motivates her. She spends time daily around her horses.

 “There's the time to care for them, the time to spend with them for pleasure and the time to observe,

 photograph, and paint or draw them outdoors. The studio is for finishing a piece or continued study 

when searching for anatomical information.

“It's all about the land and the relationships in it” says Kristin. She sees her role significant only as 

occupying a small niche is significant to the whole. “Making art is presented to the culture as a career, as

 singular to the rest of life, but it's not. Art is a way of living life that allows for unimagined choices and

 a creative solution to all areas of living.” To separate it and isolate it is like having a root that feeds a 

huge tree, enclosed, so the nutrients only go to one branch”.

Kristin's focus on her art may appear scattered to an outsider. “Every day is a new day. Every moment

 is different. I respond accordingly” she says. “If I am outside photographing a sunset, the light changes

 dramatically within every two minutes. Imagine our emotions? Painting, to me, is like capturing flux of 

light, emotion and the reality of what you are seeing, all at the same time”.

Some people can select one line of interest. “That has never worked for me. I used to fret about it. It 

made my work unsuitable for galleries as I couldn't produce the same kind of art every time. Maybe 

one day I will but so far it hasn't happened. I think the internet has blasted all preconceived notions of

 marketing out of the water and art is no exception. I believe I can create freely and there is an 

audience for that. The important thing is to share it” says Kristin.

311 Horseshoe Studio is located in San Ysidro New Mexico, a small predominantly Hispanic agricultural

 community. Kristin Darnell Kreger's studio incorporates her barn and two stalls for her horses Harry 

and Nikki. “I can walk into my studio to paint and take a quick break, walk through a door and have 

immediate access to my horses. I would love for interested parties to come visit, enjoy the land and 

view my art.” 

Darnell Kreger grabs her black cap and water bottle and makes her way from her adobe home to the studio.

 A small green Conure, “Verdita” (the little green one) flies to the top of the door, perches and watches as

 “mom” leaves. The view of several cords of wood stacked outside, horses grazing in the pasture, a big 

Ford truck, beautiful landscape in every direction, all confirm the rich, peaceful, beautiful and simple 

life lived by an artist.