311 Horseshoe Studio

Life in New Mexico

Welcome to my site!

Having been raised in an urban ranch life-style, I have decided to share 

the casual ambiance here. I say urban because we were only 10 minutes 

away from grocery stores, gas stations, and other essentials. A real

 ranch is miles and even hours away from town.

One of my favorite past times was sitting around the table. Everything 

happened at the kitchen table. Meals, plans for the day, Birthday

 celebrations, game playing, puzzles, bills, writing letters, picking names 

for the foals, sorting through photos that would be sent in for 

registration of the foals, and making art.

Every holiday had an art activity that I created for the season. In 

between days had their own special consideration. Making art was just a

 part of living life. I was never able to choose a career. Everything keeps

 blending together and I can't for the life of me leave anything out.

The work I produce is on it's own journey. I hope you enjoy the ride!